What is #180in120®?

Before the recession and the speed of business quickened to an unrelenting pace, businesses did long term strategic planning. At The Creative Company, which I founded in 1989, we created our own model called The Imagine Plan. The idea was complex yet simple. Knowing the best brands were built from the inside out, our goal was to bring everyone from the front line to the board room on to the same page. Same goals. Same objectives. Same mission.


Optimism and hope replace boredom and frustration.


Action replaces apathy. Systems are improved. You will change.


Influence and opportunity grow. Double digit increases happen.

#180in120® is Your Road Map for Businesses in Today’s Economy.

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While long range planning is still very important, #180in120® is about focused results in the next quarter. By setting a time limit, getting honest about the things that are holding back and creating a focused plan to improve everything from systems to culture, your company will change. You will change. Keeping in mind that you’re the linchpin to whatever happens next, the first step is to get out of your own head and remember you can take the time to think, plan and restore your company and your energy to normal.

In #180in120® you will learn:

  • Which steps will turn things around.
  • How transparent leadership builds trust.
  • Why your stories shape everything – the past, present and future.
  • Why time to think is your most valuable tool.
  • Why embracing processes is the key to your success.