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Recharge Your Business in 120 Days

You probably want the same things I want - to feel like you’re in control, to be successful, to be happy, to meet or exceed expectations and to prosper in every way. You probably want to make a difference more than you want to make a buck but you know that sometimes, to make a difference, you need a buck. You know you could be more and yet your energy is running low. You’re burning the candle at both ends and you hear the clock ticking louder every day.

Like me, you probably started out all starry eyed about business and entrepreneurship. You knew it would be hard work but it was energizing, in the beginning. It was a marathon, not a sprint, after all, so you stayed in there, kept your nose to the grindstone, worked through the gains and losses. There were good years and bad seasons but you still loved the game. Until you didn’t.

A year ago, I felt overwhelmed most days. Despite whatever outward success we were having or that I was having, most days felt depleting instead of energizing. My energy and creativity was low. I had been beaten down in a sense but that’s part of the game, right? Only this time I knew I didn’t want to play this particular game anymore.

Either it had to change or I did.

I chose to change me because it was the one thing I had control over.

I wrote this book because it was how I found my way back and once I wrote it, I had to give it away. No one had written a book like this before. There are a lot of big business turnaround books, it seems but for a small company and a business owner where everyone is depending upon you - there’s precious little out there to read. It’s easily digestible too. You can read the whole thing in two hours or in just a few minutes a day, you can read it and apply what you’re learning.

It’s time for you to start living again, to enjoy the process of work and creating with others. That spring in your step and passion that brought you to life can be yours again. Your relationships, family, community and colleagues will bring joy to you instead of another problem to solve. Your energy, drive, passion and commitment to excellence can come back too. I know because they have for me.
We only get one shot and life is precious, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? That was my question too. The world wasn’t going to answer this for me. I needed to get in there and figure it out myself.

And I did.

Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to get started?

In #180in120® you will learn

  • Which steps will turn things around.
  • How transparent leadership builds trust.
  • Why your stories shape everything - the past, present and future.
  • Why time to think is your most valuable tool.
  • Why embracing processes is the key to your success.
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